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Sanctions and Export Control

The Isle of Man Customs and Excise Division is responsible for the implementation of UN and UK financial and economic sanctions and export and trade licensing controls in the Isle of Man. What Does My Business Have to Do with UN/UK Sanctions, and Export and Trade Controls?

There are also export controls on other goods such as endangered species, and items of cultural interest.  Please see the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture imports and exports page, and Manx National Heritage respectively for further information.

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For updates on export and trade controls you can sign up to receive Notices to Exporters published by the Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU).

Current Sanctions Guidance

This section tells you how sanctions will operate from 1 January 2021 onwards
EU sanctions will no longer apply in the Isle of Man after 11pm on 31 December 2020.

UK sanctions regimes, which have been applied in Island law with modifications, will come into operation from this time.

It is the policy of the Isle of Man Government to maintain the implementation of international sanctions measures in the Isle of Man, in line with such measures as have effect in the United Kingdom from time to time.

The applied sanctions regulations include:

  • the purposes of the sanctions regime (what the Island hopes will be achieved through imposing sanctions)
  • who will be subject to sanctions
  • the type of sanctions, such as trade and financial sanctions
  • details of exemptions that may apply, such as exemptions which allow people to trade with a certain country that would otherwise be prohibited by the regulations
  • how the Isle of Man Government will enforce sanctions
  • other rules, such as circumstances in which information about sanctions may be shared

What you need to do

Check new legislation and ensure you comply with its requirements, and read the sanctions regime guidance.

Financial Sanctions - General Guidance

UK Consolidated List

List of Entities subject to capital market restrictions

Proscribed terrorist groups and organisations

UK Sanctions list

Sanctions guidance with effect from 1 January 2021

Cash Declaration Requirements

If cash in excess of £10,000 (or equivalent in another currency)

  • is sent to or taken from or
  • is brought into or received in

the Isle of Man, then the person carrying, sending or receiving it must make a declaration to Customs and Excise.

This applies to cash going to, or coming from, anywhere outside the Island; and regardless of whether the cash is being carried by someone, or is sent in the mail, by courier service or is contained in freight, a vehicle or a vessel.

'Cash' includes any banknotes or coins in any currency (including counterfeit), postal orders and cheques of any kind (including travellers' cheques), but excluding cheques drawn on a British or Irish bank. It also includes stored value cards and other document, device, coin or token with a monetary value. (See Notice 9011 MAN for a full definition).

For further information please see 'An introduction to cash entering or leaving the Island' and Notice 9011 MAN.

Sanctions Licences

Expired General Licences

Sanctions Guidance prior to Brexit

Financial Sanctions - Guidance

Maritime Guidance - Financial Sanctions Guidance for entities and individuals operating within the maritime shipping sector

Consolidated List

Proscribed terrorist groups or organisations

Current Sanctions Regimes

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