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Registering for online services

VAT returns, European Community Sales Lists (ECSL) and payments

For the Export of goods from Great Britain or the supply of services from Great Britain and Northern Ireland made to EU businesses on or after 1 January 2021, you will not need to submit EC Sales Lists.

EC Sales Lists for sales made on or before 31 December 2020 should have been submitted by 21 January 2021


Once enrolled, you can set up additional people in your business to access and operate the service at a level you decide. For example, a person in your finance or accounting section normally prepares the VAT return but you approve it. Using the paper VAT return your book-keeper needs to write on the return then pass it to you and then you have to sign it and put it in the post so that it gets to us on time. The same can be done using the online service but without the paper! Your book-keeper can prepare and save the return online, you can then send the return in from anywhere you have access to the internet, from work, away from the office or even from home safe in the knowledge there will be no postal delay.

How to register and enrol to use the service

  1. Visit the Isle of Man Government online service home page. 
  2. Register to use online services. Here you choose your own login name and password.
  3. You are now at the online services home page. Select Customs and Excise from the available services. 
  4. Enrol to use the My VAT Return service. You will need your VAT number, Effective Date of Registration (found on your registration certificate VAT4) and the activation code already sent to you in the post.
  5. That's it, you are enrolled and ready to go! You will now be able to look at previous VAT returns you have sent in, complete and send in any VAT returns due and pay any amounts due online.


If you are an agent and deal with VAT or ECSL returns on behalf of a client then this too is catered for. You will need to register as an online services agent with Isle of Man Customs and Excise using form VAT AG1 MAN, and then send in an authorisation form from your client, VAT AG2 MAN.  Both forms are available to download on this page. We will then make the link that will allow you to render the returns on behalf of your client and see their previous return details.

Extra 7 days

Send in your VAT return and payment online and we will give you an extra 7 days* to get it to us. A business required to render ECSLs is also allowed an extra 7 days to submit if sent in online (due 14 days after the period end for paper submissions, 21 days for online)

*excluding annual and payment on account traders

Making payments

As well as paying your VAT return online, a new General Payments service is also available. You can make a payment from this service without even having to enrol to the VAT service; so you do not have to be VAT registered. All you need to do is register to use, or be already registered for the Isle of Man Government online services, which anyone can do.

The General Payments facility is designed so that you can make a payment(s) to Customs and Excise for a variety of services including air passenger duty, beer duty, betting duty, cider and perry duty, Customs duties, baggage and private imports, agents, Post Office charges, duty deferment, fuel substitute, hydrocarbon oil, levies, licences, light dues, merchant's charges, penalties, spirit, wine and tobacco duty, VAT on private imports and general VAT payments.

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