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Advantages of using the Isle of Man for your business

  • The Isle of Man is treated as being part of the EU for Customs, Excise and VAT purposes, but deemed outside the EU for all other taxes. This provides surety for Customs and Excise matters whilst allowing flexibility for other purposes.
  • Locating in the Isle of Man brings your EU customer closer to you, reducing the length of the EU supply chain and providing the opportunity to enhance profits.
  • Being located in the Isle of Man also allows businesses to potentially minimise their taxation footprint and provides full access to EU markets, whilst remaining outside the EU for most non Customs and Excise regimes.
  • A Customs and Excise service committed to delivering a premium service, assisting business in implementing the most cost effective and appropriate customs procedures and simplifications.
  • The Isle of Man Government's Freedom to Flourish initiative is a pro-active joined up approach that is responsive to business needs.
  • Easy access for business leaders to Ministers and senior Government officials
  • Provision of world class professional and inclusive corporate, legal and financial services.
  • Comprehensive ancillary service provision for both businesses and individuals seeking to establish a presence in the Isle of Man.
  • International Credit Ratings of AAA awarded by Moody's and AA+ by Standard and Poor's.
  • Direct tax transparency.
  • Safe, low crime environment.
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