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Import controls in the Isle of Man

Most goods produced in the UK, or properly imported into the UK, can be brought into the Isle of Man without further customs formalities. Goods brought directly to the Island would be subject to similar import prohibitions, restrictions and licensing that would apply if they were imported into the UK.

The Isle of Man does maintain import controls on:

  • certain plants and animals, including endangered species covered by the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)
  • meat from countries other than the UK and Crown dependencies
  • fish and shellfish

Please see the Isle of Man Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture's page on CITES for further information.

Other import prohibitions and restrictions that may differ from those in the UK include:

  • explosives (including imports from the UK)
  • firearms
  • medicines
  • tobacco in pouches for placing in the mouth (including snus)
  • non-resident traders intending to do business on the Island (see Office of Fair Trading website, right)

For further details please see the page of Customs and Excise contacts.

Cash Declaration Requirements

If cash in excess of £10,000 –

  • is sent to or taken from; or
  • is brought into or received in,

the Isle of Man, then the person carrying, sending or receiving it must make a declaration to Customs and Excise.

This applies to cash going to, or coming from, anywhere outside the Island; and regardless of whether the cash is being carried by someone, or is sent in the mail, by courier service or is contained in freight, a vehicle or a vessel.

"Cash" includes any banknotes or coins in any currency (including counterfeit), postal orders and cheques of any kind (including travellers' cheques), but excluding cheques drawn on a British or Irish bank. It also includes stored value cards and other document, device, coin or token with a monetary value. (See Notice 9011 MAN for a full definition).

For further information please see "An introduction to cash entering or leaving the Island" and Notice 9011 MAN.

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