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General Aviation

General aviation operators and pilots notification of flights

Reporting requirements

An operator or pilot of a general aviation aircraft is required to report international or Channel Islands journeys to or from the Isle of Man.

Even if pilots and operators are not required to provide notification of a flight, it is helpful if they do provide this notification.

You should read the GAR Guidance before you submit your report.

Submit your form by email

You can also download the GAR form, complete it electronically and submit by email to

Please title your email using the following format: ‘GAR, registration, name of airfield’ for example: ‘GAR, M-AAAA, Aberdeen’. 

The GAR should be saved and submitted in a PDF format. Illegible handwritten GARs cannot be processed and will be rejected.

Please check the guidance before completing and submitting the GAR form.

For more information on what must be declared on import or export and specific rules or regulations about immigration matters visit the below links:

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