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Deregistering for VAT in the Isle of Man

If you are VAT registered in the Isle of Man and fall into any of the categories listed below, you must inform Isle of Man Customs and Excise in writing within 30 days, that your circumstances have changed and that your registration should be cancelled:

  • You have ceased to make taxable supplies
  • You close down or sell your business or have transferred it as a going concern
  • You have sold your business or transferred it as a going concern to a member of a VAT group
  • Your business is joining a VAT group
  • Your VAT group is disbanding
  • Your legal status has changed
  • You registered because you intended to make taxable supplies and you no longer intend to do so
  • You registered because you made, or intended to make, supplies outside the UK which would have been taxable if made in the UK, and you have stopped making or intending to make these supplies.

In addition, you can also ask for voluntary cancellation of your registration if any of the following circumstances apply:

  • Your turnover exceeds the registration limits but your taxable supplies are wholly or mainly zero rated. If you make some standard rated supplies, you will need to show that your input tax will normally exceed your output tax
  • You can satisfy Customs and Excise that your taxable turnover in the next 12 months will not exceed  £88,000.

To apply to cancel your VAT registration, you will need to complete the application form VAT 7 MAN and return it to the Deregistration Section. Further advice on completing this form can be obtained by contacting this section on +44 1624 648168. Public Notice 700/11, Cancelling your Registration, is available from the HMRC website.

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