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Customs and Excise Online Service

Taxpayers (VAT registered traders)

If you already manage your own Customs and Excise account, you can sign in.

If you have not previously signed into the Customs and Excise online services, please follow Your Guide to the VAT Online Portal

You will need your TIN number. Once enrolled you will be able to:

  • look at previous VAT returns you have sent in
  • complete and send in any VAT returns due
  • attached supporting documents
  • pay any amounts due online.

We are aware of some common issues when trying to sign in. If you are having any issues, please have a look at our common issues page which may assist you.  If your issue is not resolved, please contact us by email to with the following information:

  • VAT Number or TIN Number (if known)
  • Name of VAT registered person
  • Online services login ID
  • Email address and telephone number
  • Screen shot of any error messages (if applicable)
  • Details of the issue you are experiencing

Once you have successfully signed in, we encourage you to check you contact details carefully to ensure that the information we hold about you is accurate and up to date. You can check your contact details in your profile tab once logged onto Online Services.

Customs and excise online services profile tab view

You must ensure that there is at least 1 email address which will enable us to contact you about any indirect taxes you are registered for.


If you manage Customs and Excise accounts on behalf of your clients, please sign in. Ensure you can access the email address that is associated to your online services account as you will need this to verify your account.

If you have not registered as an Agent with Customs and Excise before you need to complete form AG1 MAN, which is downloadable from this page.

Your client will also need to complete form AG2 MAN, which is also downloadable from this page. You will need one of these forms for each client you act for.

You can also set up additional people within your organisation who can access and operate the online service at a level you decide. If you can see your client list as main agent, but your assistants cannot see any clients, please follow the guidance to grant access to client accounts.

If you have any other issues with seeing your client list, please contact us by email. Please include the following information in your email:

  • Agent TIN number (if known) and previously issued Agent Reference number
  • Online services login ID for the main agent
  • Online services name for main agent (as it appears in top right corner of online services)
  • Confirm the main agent email address
  • telephone number
  • Details of any other issues you are experiencing


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