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Customs and Excise forms

Note: Forms for registering and deregistering for VAT can be found on the relevant web page on this site. Application forms relating to Excise regimes can be found on the registering for Excise page.

HM Revenue and Customs website carries a great deal of basic information about VAT, excise and duty matters in general. This includes customs exchange rates, lists of forms and public notices, some of which are available electronically. Many of these are relevant for Isle of Man traders.

  • BACS 1 MAN - BACS application form
  • VAT 600 AA MAN - Application to join Annual Accounting Scheme
  • VAT 600 FRS MAN - Application to join the Flat Rate Scheme
  • VAT 600 AA/FRS MAN - Application to join Annual Accounting Scheme and Flat Rate Scheme
  • C9011 MAN - Declaration of cash (for amounts of £10,000 or more) by persons entering or leaving the Island
  • C1331 MAN - Pleasure craft on non-IOM/UK Voyages - Leaving or Arriving in the IOM
  • VAT 652 MAN - Notification of errors in VAT returns
  • VAT 833 MAN - Statement of VAT on goods sold in satisfaction of a debt
  • VAT 126 MAN - Local Authorities - Claim for refund of VAT
  • NOVA 1 MAN - Notification of Vehicle Arrival
  • SDIL 1 MAN - Soft Drinks Industry Levy- Application for Registration for Producers, Packagers or Importers

Online Services - Agent and Client Online Registration and Removal Forms:

  • VAT AG1 MAN - Application to become an Online VAT Agent
  • VAT AG2 MAN - Application to appoint an online VAT Agent to act on my behalf
  • VAT AG3 MAN - Application by an Online VAT Agent to Remove a Client
  • VAT AG4 MAN - Application by a Client to Remove and Online VAT Agent

DIY claims - Isle of Man only - VAT refunds for DIY housebuilders:

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