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Check your rights

In general, the goods or services you purchase must be:

  • of satisfactory quality
  • fit for its purpose
  • as described

If the goods do not meet any of the three requirements then:

  • If you have only had the goods for a limited amount of time, only used it a couple of times or haven't had a reasonable opportunity to check it, you are probably entitled to a refund for:
    • a major fault
    • a number of minor faults
    • a serious misdescription
  • If the fault is only minor and can easily be put right it is reasonable to accept a repair. This won't stop you claiming a refund if the repair turns out to be unsatisfactory.
  • If you have had the goods longer than a few weeks or have had a reasonable opportunity to check it, you are probably only entitled to a repair. Repairs should be carried out within a reasonable period of time and should restore the goods to a satisfactory conditon. If this does not happen you are entitled to compensation. This could be a sum of money or the cost of having somebody else repair the carpet.
  • If the goods cannot be repaired, you are entitled to a refund. The trader may make a reduction from the price you paid to allow for the use you have had from the bed.
  • If you are out of pocket in any other way you may be entitled to compensation over and above the price of the carpet.

Remember if you are entitled to a refund, a repair or compensation it is the trader who must sort out your problem. The trader cannot tell you to go back to the manufacturer.


  • You have no rights if you simply change your mind.
  • You have no rights if you simply chose the wrong size or type of goods for your needs
  • You have no rights if you gave the trader wrong information
  • Fair wear and tear is not a fault
  • If there is a fault arising from the fitting of the goods the trader who sold them to you is only responsible if the fitting was part of the deal, otherwise claim against the fitter
  • Your rights cannot be taken away by anything written into a notice, a receipt, a warranty or a guarantee

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