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Conservation areas

The formally designated Conservation Areas are:

Please click on any of the above to view a map showing the extent of the area.

Conservation Area Character Appraisals have been carried out on the following areas:

  • Athol and Victoria Street Conservation Area
  • Ballabeg Conservation Area
  • Ballaquayle Road Conservation Area
  • Castletown Conservation Study circa 1998
  • Douglas Promenade Conservation Area
  • Glen Wyllin Conservation Area
  • Kirk Michael Conservation Area
  • Little Switzerland Conservation Area
  • Olympia Conservation Area
  • Selbourne Drive Conservation Area
  • St Marks Conservation Area
  • Windsor Road Conservation Area
  • Woodbourne Road Conservation Area

Scanned copies of these documents are available for viewing and/or downloading.

What is a Conservation Area?

A Conservation Area is an area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to enhance or preserve. Please see the policy document for further information on Conservation Areas which is available as a downloadable document to the right of this page.

Proposed Conservation Areas

Appraisal documents and associated Maps showing the proposed boundaries for towns and villages identified as having the potential for Conservation Area status were raised as part of the Southern Area Plan and previously in the 1999 St Johns Local Plan. To view the areas proposed click on the documents below.

Planning controls for Conservation Areas

Because of the special nature of Conservation Areas, there are tighter planning controls and obligations in respect of demolition, new development, property alterations and advertisements and signs. Below is a useful link which provides some information on property maintenance and building conservation.

As a rule of thumb all properties within a Conservation Area are excluded from all permitted development and planning permission is required in most instances. Any queries should be directed to the Department. Please telephone +44 1624 685950 or e-mail:

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