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Application Forms and Guidance Notes

Application Forms and Guidance Notes

As a result of the changes to legislation, the existing application forms and guidance have been updated. In addition, new forms have been produced for the new types of applications being introduced. The changes are summarised below, with links to the new forms and guidance. The new forms and guidance should be used for applications to be submitted on or after 1 January 2020. 

Planning Applications

The application form and guidance for applicants has been updated to reflect the changes, and both are available. The previously published supplementary guidance in relation to trees and highways remains relevant. More information.

Certificates of Lawfulness, Registered Building Consent and Advert Consent

The requirements and process for these applications is broadly the same, although the requirements for ownership certificates has been removed. More information about Certificates of LawfulnessMore information about Registered Building ConsentMore information about Advert Consent.           

Planning Appeals

The updated Planning Appeal Form should be used in relation to applications submitted after 1 January 2020. More information.  

Minor Change Applications

Development must take place in accordance with the permission granted and the conditions attached to it, along with any associated legal agreements. Where this is a retrospective application for an entire development, once approved the application is spent. However, in the case of wholly new, uncompleted development circumstances may alter following grant of permission and an applicant may seek to revise their proposals. Where these changes are fundamental or substantial or raise new issues, a new planning application will need to be submitted.

The Department is now able to consider applications to amend planning approvals (this does not apply to other forms of approval). A flowchart has been produced which explains the process and there is an application form which includes a list of the information required to be submitted. The fee for such an application is £100. More information

Telecommunications Prior Approval

The revised Permitted Development for Telecommunications requires Prior Approval in some circumstances. If a proposal does not meet the conditions set out in the relevant Development Order, or if Prior Approval is refused, a full planning application is required. A guidance notice, a flowchart which explains the process and an application form which includes a list of the information required to be submitted have been produced. The fee for such an application is £300.  More information.

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