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The Castletown Housing Land Review

The Area Plan for the South includes a commitment to explore potential opportunities for additional housing within Castletown. This page provides information about this ongoing project.

The Castletown Housing Land Review and is focussing on three main areas: 

  • Housing Need – to better understand the need for additional housing in Castletown
  • Possible Sites – to identify potentially suitable sites to satisfy that need
  • A Way Forward – to identify and implement a pragmatic and practical approach to facilitating those sites being brought forward

Call for Sites and Initial Consultation

In October 2015, the Department of Infrastructure (which was then the Department responsible for Planning Policy), started preparatory work on the Castletown Housing Land Review and issued a ‘Call for Sites’. From August to October 2016 the Cabinet Office carried an Initial Consultation to seek comments on:

  • A Provisional Housing Need Assessment for Castletown;
  • Sites which were put forward to the Department in response to the ‘Call for Sites’ and other areas which could be considered (i.e. which in the Department’s opinion should also undergo preliminary assessment)
  • Potential ways forward for the project.

The material published as part of the 2016 consultation (which included the responses to the Call for Sites) can be viewed on an archived page.

The final Site Assessment Framework (updated after the Initial Consultation) can be viewed here.

The responses to the consultation can be viewed also.

October 2017 Update

Site Assessments

Site assessments have been produced for 22 sites and the final reports are available in the downloadable documents.

Site Assessment Process Report

The Site Assessment Process Report makes a number of recommendations going forward.

Housing Need

Minor changes have been made to the Provisional Housing Needs Assessment for Castletown.

January 2018 Update

In October 2017, the Cabinet Office announced it was considering the implications of the findings set out in the Final Assessment Process Report and would set out a firm direction for the future growth of Castletown before the end of the year. 

On Tuesday 12 December 2017, the Hon Chris Thomas, Minister for Policy and Reform, made a Statement in Tynwald on the Castletown Housing Land Review.  The following is an extract from part of that speech. 

'The way forward which has the most merit is to invite the submission of planning applications on a number of sites. There is no reason to delay any longer the idea of looking to specific land owners and developers to use the evidence we have collated and think through how schemes could be worked up on their sites and how any highlighted issues can be addressed. In October, seven sites were identified as being suitable for further consideration. I propose to write to the landowners of four of these sites explaining that in the Cabinet Office’s view, they are worthy of proper consideration through detailed planning applications. A lot of time, effort and resources have already gone into this project, and it would only be proper to disclose which sites have been highlighted in the first instance to those most directly involved. The owners of other sites not selected will also be contacted.I would like to stress at this point that the southern Members, the Castletown Commissioners, as well as landowners and agents acting on their behalf, have been very patient throughout this project and assisted throughout. I would like to thank all who have been involved in the past couple of years and welcome the next steps.'

In order to allow all site owners to prepare well thought through applications and to seek pre-application advice as necessary, the Planning and Building Control Directorate at DEFA will only accept applications on selected sites after 1 March 2018.  

This decision and the accompanying map (dated December 2017) do not imply that planning approval will be granted and applications submitted will be considered on their merits in the normal way taking into account the Site Assessment Report findings and all other material considerations.  

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Castletown Housing Land Review project, please contact the Policy Team by e-mailing Planning Policy or by calling +44 1624 685905 or 685759.

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