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Strategic Plan Review Preliminary Publicity Consultation

21 July to 29 September 2023

What is ‘Preliminary Publicity’?

Cabinet Office gives notice that it is commencing the ‘Preliminary Publicity’ stage of the Isle of Man Strategic Plan 2016 Review. This is being undertaken in accordance with Paragraph 2, Schedule 1 of the Town and Country Planning Act (1999).

Preliminary Publicity represents the first statutory step in the preparation of a Development Plan and sets out the issues which the Draft Plan will deal with. Interested parties are invited to respond to the consultation in order to ensure the development of an equitable and sustainable Plan which adequately caters for the needs of all Island residents in respect of housing, employment land, open space and recreation, infrastructure and community facilities.

What is the Strategic Plan Review?

The Strategic Plan sets the high-level planning policy framework for the sustainable development of the Island – aiming to ensure that all development is well located, well designed, well connected and respectful of our Island environment. The policies within the Strategic Plan are applied spatially by Area Plans, such as the Area Plan for the South (2013) and Area Plan for the East (2020) and other local plans.

A partial review of the Strategic Plan was undertaken in 2016 but the majority of the policies within the plan haven’t been reviewed since its original approval in 2007. Cabinet Office has now begun the process of undertaking a comprehensive review of the Strategic Plan to bring it up to date, which once complete, will replace the existing Strategic Plan in its entirety. The review process provides Cabinet Office with the opportunity to embed climate change policies into statutory planning policy and reflect the core strategic objectives set out in Our Island Plan 2023 (GD no. 2022/0095), to build a secure, vibrant and sustainable future for our Island and specifically deliver one of the key elements identified in the ‘Building Great Communities’ Programmes. 

The Consultation Process

Cabinet Office is seeking representations on the published Preliminary Publicity documents which are available via this webpage and on the Consultation Hub.

Alternatively you can download a paper response form available via downloadable documents on this page. 

Consultation responses should ideally be made using the Consultation Hub but a physical response form is available to download from this webpage. Once complete, physical response forms should be returned by email to or by post to:

Planning Policy Team,
Cabinet Office,
3rd Floor, Government Office,
Bucks Road,
IM1 3PN.

The deadline by which responses must be received is 5pm on Friday 29 September 2023.

If you have any questions about the Preliminary Publicity consultation or wider plan-making process, please contact the Planning Policy Team by emailing or by calling +44 1624 686758. 

Next Steps

Following the close of the Preliminary Publicity period Cabinet Office will produce a Draft Plan within 12 months. The development of the Draft Strategic Plan will be informed by the responses received during this consultation.

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