Strategic Plan

The Isle of Man Strategic Plan 2016 replaces the Isle of Man Strategic Plan 2007. The Strategic Plan sets out the general policies for the development of and use of land across the Island. It provides an Island wide policy framework. These policies are considered when assessing planning applications and when preparing Area Plans and other policy documents. 

The Cabinet Office ‘adopted’ the Draft Strategic Plan on 16 February 2016 and the Town and Country Planning (Isle of Man Strategic Plan) Order 2016 was approved by Tynwald on 15 March 2016. The Order and the Isle of Man Strategic Plan 2016 have now been published and can be viewed below or at the following locations: the Cabinet Office, Government Office, Bucks Road, Douglas, the Planning and Building Control Office, Murray House, Douglas and the Tynwald Library. Copies can also be purchased from the Welcome Centre at the Sea Terminal (price £4).