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Peel Sites

Site ReferenceLocationSubmissionMapSite Assessments
PO001 Fields 311785, 311787, 311835 and 315179 between Glenfaba Road and the former railway line Submission  Site plan PO001 - Site Assessment
PO002 Peel Head, Peel Site plan PO002 - Site Assessment
PO003 Playing Field and Fields 314325 and 314321 off Peveril Road, Peel. Site plan PO003 - Site Assessment
PO004 Fields 314312, 310990, 310993, 310995, 314313, 314314, 310992, 310994, 314318, 314320, 314317, 314316, 314315, 310991 and 310943 and adjoining headland next to Peveril Road, Peel. Site plan
PO005 Field 311715 adjoining Lheany Voar, Ballaquane Road, Peel. Site plan PO005 - Site Assessment
PO006 field 314538 South of Ballatessan Meadow
Submission Site plan PO006 - Site Assessment
PO007 Skate park and recreation land, Peel Promenade, Peel PO007 - Site Assessment
PR001 Olive Court and the Edward Loades Buildings
Ramsey Road,
Submission Site plan PR001 - Site Assessment
PR002 Land at Ballaterson, Glenfaba Road, Peel
including Fields 311843, 311884, 314538, 314542 & 314543
Submission Site plan PR002 - Site Assessment
PR003 Field no. 311715, Land at Ballaquane Road
Submission Site plan PR003 - Site Assessment
PR004 Fields 311843, 311884, 314538, 314539, and 314542, accessed off Glenfaba Road, Peel. CO Site – no submission Site plan PR004 - Site Assessment
PR006 Thie-My-Chree, Tynwald Road, Peel CO Site – no submission Site plan PR006 - Site Assessment
PR007 field 311702 Lyndale Avenue, Peel Submission Site plan  PR007 - Site Assessment
PR008 Fields 314332, 314333, 314334, 314335 and 314336 adjacent to Lheany Voar, Ballaquane Road, Peel CO Site – no submission Site plan PR008 - Site Assessment
PR011 Field 314327, adjacent to Peveril Road, Peel CO Site – no submission Site plan PR011 - Site Assessment
PR012 Land north east of Mourne View Road, Peel.  Field 314320 falls within Peel Parish.

Field 316006 falls partly within Peel Parish and German Parish.
Submission Site plan PR012 - Site Assessment
PR013 Former Empire Garage Showroom, Marine Parade, Peel

Assessed for redevelopment potential (residential/mixed uses)

PR013 - Site Assessment
PR014 Former Empire Garage Reception Office & Garages,
Stanley Road, Peel

Assessed for redevelopment potential (residential/mixed uses)
PR014 - Site Assessment
PR015 Former Empire Garage Workshops and Yard, Stanley Road,
PR015 - Site Assessment
PC001 St German's Cathedral (Part A and B), Derby Road, Peel, IM5 1HH

Two suggested land uses on this area but both include an element of Residential development

Submission PC001 - Site Assessment
PC006 Field 316066, 316065 & 311714, Peel PC006 - Site Assessment
PE001 Site off Glenfaba Road, Peel

Assessed for Employment Use. Assumed access road to remain in situ.

Site plan PE001 - Site Assessment
PE002 Field 311788, adjacent to 'brickworks' entrance, Glenfaba
Road, Peel.

Currently 'industrial'. Assessed for residential given planning history.

Site plan PE002 - Site Assessment
PE003 Land West of Glenfaba Road (between Glenfaba Road and River Neb).

Assessed for industrial/critical infrastructure use

Site plan PE003 - Site Assessment
PE004 Olive Court and the Edward Loades Buildings, Ramsey Road, Peel, IM5 1RH Site plan PE004 - Site Assessment
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