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Call for Sites

The Call for Sites consultation closed on 28 February 2020.

As part of the preparations for the Area Plan for the North and West the Cabinet Office is undertaking a ‘Call for Sites’. The Call for Sites forms part of an early engagement activity offering individuals and organisations the opportunity to suggest sites for development within the North and West ahead of the Preliminary Publicity stage of the plans process. This will help the Cabinet Office identify potential sites that can be assessed for housing, employment and other types of development.

The geographical scope is set out in the Strategic Plan and comprises of:

Patrick             German           Michael           Ballaugh          Jurby               Andreas          

Bride               Lezayre           Ramsey           Maughold        Peel

In order for the Cabinet Office to log and consider any suggested sites more effectively, submissions should be made using the Response Form. An Explanatory Note has been provided to assist in completing the Call for Sites Form. This can be found in the Downloadable Documents Section.

Ideally, Response Forms should be completed:

Alternatively, Response Forms can also be submitted: 

  • by Email - to

  • by post – to Planning Policy Team, Cabinet Office, Government Buildings, Bucks Road, Douglas, IM1 3PN

For the avoidance of doubt, it should be noted that this Call for Sites does not form part of the ‘Preliminary Publicity’ stage as set out in Schedule 1, Paragraph 2 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1999.

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