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Area Plan for the North and West

Island Development Plan – Area Plan for the North and West

As part of the ongoing work to establish the Island Development Plan work has begun on producing an Area Plan for the North and West of the island. As the remaining areas of the island without recently updated area plans the decision to combine the North and the West into one area has been made.

The Area Plan will accompany the current Strategic Plan – The Isle of Man Strategic Plan 2016. The Strategic Plan contains general policies for the Island as a whole it is the role of the Area Plans to identify site specific proposals and address planning policy matters at the local level.  

The geographical extend of this area plan covers:

  • Andreas
  • Ballaugh
  • Bride 
  • German
  • Jurby
  • Lezayre
  • Maughold
  • Michael
  • Patrick 
  • Peel
  • Ramsey

The plan may be of interest to those who live, work, spend time, own land or wish to invest in the North and West.

Currently the preliminary publicity stage is underway, this forms part of an early engagement activity. It offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to comment on suggested sites and the issues that the Area Plan intends to tackle.

For more information regarding the Preliminary Publicity follow the link.

The remaining stages in plan preparation after the Preliminary Publicity as set out in Schedule 1 of the 1999 Act, namely:

  • The publication of a Draft Plan
  • The undertaking of a Public Inquiry
  • Publicity of the Inquiry Report
  • The adoption of the Plan by the Cabinet Office
  • The publication of the Plan after approval by Tynwald

The extant development plans in the North and West will remain in force until the Area Plan for the North and West is approved and comes into operation.

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