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Public notification of Potential Development Sites (additional sites)


In 2017 the Cabinet Office published a set of consultation documents to mark the start of the formal process to prepare a new development plan for the East of the Island. This process, known as ‘Preliminary Publicity’, was a public consultation on the matters that the Department intended the Area Plan to deal with. Details of all of the sites under consideration were published, including draft site assessment reports for each site.

During the Consultation, a number of additional sites were suggested and the details of these sites are now being made public.

The documents now available for public viewing are:

  • The All Sites Map (updated to show 35 additional sites)
  • A Summary Table listing all of the additional 35 sites
  • Additional Site details submitted by each proposer
  • Draft Site Assessment Reports for 34 sites   

All of the Local Authority areas in the Plan area are affected by these new sites:

  • Borough of Douglas
  • District of Onchan
  • Parishes of Braddan, Garff - Laxey and Lonan Wards, Marown and Santon

Potential develoment sites







Please note

  • The Site Assessment Reports are currently in draft form. It has already been recognised that some of the 35 additional sites need further investigation and where relevant, this has been noted on the individual Reports

  • There are 34 Reports available not 35, as one site was submitted by the proponent late. Please mention this to officers if you make an enquiry so that we can ensure all material is available to you

  • A number of the sites were put forward for consideration by the Cabinet Office. For these sites there will only be a Report
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