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For this Draft Plan, Maps are provided at both large and small scale.

Maps better shown in small scale:

  • Constraints Maps showing community, infrastructure and environmental constraints
  • Landscape Character Assessment Map
  • Proposals Map

The settlement maps have been produced in a larger scale.

  • 2 Maps of different scale are used for Douglas

The Maps illustrate the Proposals described in detail in the Written Statement and identify specific (numbered) sites, referred to as 'Proposal Sites' or 'Strategic Reserves.'

The site numbers in this Draft Plan are the original numbers first assigned to the sites when they were first assessed.

Map Title


Constraints Maps Map 1A
Map 1B
Map 1C
Landscape Character Assessment Areas Map 2
Proposals Map (Full Plan Area) Map 3
Douglas (Main) Map 4
Douglas Central Map 5
Onchan Map 6
Laxey Map 7
Union Mills and Strang Map 8
Baldrine Map 9
Crosby and Glen Vine Map 10
Newtown Map 11

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