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Area Plan for the East: Feasibility Studies for Comprehensive Treatment Areas

Feasibility Studies and Treatment Plans for Comprehensive Treatment Areas in Douglas and Onchan

The Area Plan for the East was approved on 18 November 2020.  Within the Area Plan for the East, four Comprehensive Treatment Areas are designated within Douglas and one Comprehensive Treatment Area is designated in Onchan. The Area Plan for the East states that CTAs: 

'Represent sites which have opportunities for economic, environmental, infrastructure or social improvement but which would benefit from some level of co-ordinated enhancement/change.'

Together with the Unoccupied Urban Sites included within the Unoccupied Urban Sites Register for the East, the designation of Comprehensive Treatment Areas is intended to focus urban regeneration initiatives where it is most needed, and support further private sector investment in surrounding areas.  It is hoped that Comprehensive Treatment Areas will be an important lever to encourage and enable redevelopment and positive change.

Since the approval of the Area Plan for the East, Cabinet Office has worked to develop treatment plans for the five designated Comprehensive Treatment Areas in Douglas and Onchan, integral to which has been the drafting of individual feasibility studies. These feasibility studies have now been published, as follows:

Each feasibility study tells the story of how an area within a CTA designation has evolved over time, in response to social, cultural and economic needs. Specifically, each CTA details the historical development of each area and includes a site specific analysis to determine the baseline situation in each area.  Opportunities afforded within each area are identified, whilst recognising potential barriers to development that would need to be overcome in order to realise those opportunities, and further recommendations that would help to remove those barriers are set out.

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