From time to time Planning & Building Control undertake consultation on various documents. 

The purpose of consultation is to gather views and comment so that issues are decided, as far as possible, on consideration of all the relevant information and arguments. It informs the decision-making process, raising points to be taken into account that might otherwise have been overlooked. To bring greater clarity and consistency to its use of public consultation, the Isle of Man Government has introduced a Code of Practice on Consultations.

Current Consultations

The Planning Policy Team have four ongoing projects, for more information on each please follow the links below:

Closed Consultations & Summaries

Consultation on Town and Country Planning (Amendment) Bill 2015 & Town and Country Planning (Consultation of the Planning Committee) Order 2015
Octoberober to Novemberember 2015

Consultation on The Isle of Man Strategic Plan Review - Publication of Draft Plan
Januaryuary to March 2015

Proposed Permitted Development Order for Temporary Use or Development of Land
Octoberober to Dec 2014

Draft Development Brief for the Former Victoria Road Prison Site
February to April 2014

Update to the Lower Douglas Master Plan
September - October 2013

Review of Legislation relating to the Control of Advertisements
July to August 2013

Draft Building Regulations 2013
June to August 2013

Draft Building (Fees) Regulations 2013
February to April 2013

Consultation on Introduction of Fees For Planning Appeals
October to November 2012

Consultation on Lower Douglas Master Plan – Draft Interim Planning Guidance for Key Town Centre Sites in Douglas
May to June 2012

The Town and Country Planning Act 1999 - Planning Policy Statement - Planning and the Economy
February to May 2012

The Town and Country Planning Act 1999, Proposed Development Order – Ballakilley, Bride
February to March 2012

Draft Planning Policy Statement - Replacement & Extension of Dwellings in the Countryside
September to November 2011

Consultation on Permitted Development Proposals
June to August 2011

Consultation on Amendments to the Town and Country Planning (Development Procedure) Order 2005
April to May 2011

Cooil Road, Braddan - Proposed Development Order
January to March 2010

Proposed Conservation Areas within the Southern Area Plan
January to March 2010

Draft Planning Policy Statement - Development and Flood Risk - Guidance for the Isle of Man
October 2009 to January 2010

Draft Planning Policy Statement - The Role of Landscape Character in Development
October 2009 to January 2010

Proposed Amendments to the Building Control Act 1991
February to April 2009

Review of the Planning System
October to Dec 2008