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Application forms

Electronic Applications Service

For submission of applications in an electronic form please use the following options: 

The following application forms are available in the downloadable documents section.

If you choose to make your planning application as a paper submission, two paper copies must be provided, please follow the form detail as to what is required.

Where making an electronic application there is certain instance where the Local Authority require a paper copy.

Please note for applicants for more complex capital projects may be asked to provide a paper copy.


  • Planning Approval - The most common form for 'full' planning approval, 'change of use', 'reserved matters' or to 'vary the condition of a valid planning approval'

  • Minor Change to a Planning Approval – To make a change to a planning approval after it is been approved

  • Registered Building Consent - Application for works to a building which is on the Department's Protected Building Register

  • Certificate of Lawfulness - Application form for a certificate confirming that a long term development or use (without the appropriate planning approval) has been in place/ practice for considerable years (minimum of 4 for development 10 for a use) which can now be supported by evidence and proven/ deemed 'lawful'

  • Advertisement Consent - An application form for 'express' permission from the Department to display adverts

  • Planning Appeal - Form for appealing against a Planning, Registered Building or Advertisement decision of the Department

Building Control


  • Planning and Building Control Property Searches - Formal request for a search of the planning and/or building control databases to establish a property history


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