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Application forms

The following application forms are available in the downloadable documents section.


  • Planning Approval - The most common form for 'full' planning approval, 'change of use', 'reserved matters' or to 'vary the condition of a valid planning approval'.
  • Minor Change to a Planning Approval – To make a change to a planning approval after it is been approved.
  • Registered Building Consent - Application for works to a building which is on the Department's Protected Building Register.
  • Certificate of Lawfulness - Application form for a certificate confirming that a long term development or use (without the appropriate planning approval) has been in place/ practice for considerable years (minimum of 4 for development 10 for a use) which can now be supported by evidence and proven/ deemed 'lawful'.
  • Advertisement Consent - An application form for 'express' permission from the Department to display adverts.
  • Telecommunications Prior Approval – deemed consent - Application as 'prior notification'.
  • Planning Appeal - Form for appealing against a Planning, Registered Building or Advertisement decision of the Department. Please note that there are two forms – one for appeals lodges against decisions on planning applications lodged PRIOR to 1/1/2020 and another form for appeals on applications lodged AFTER 1/1/2020.
  • Contributors Form – Optional Form for those wishing to comment on a planning, registered building or advertisement application. More information on commenting on planning applications.

Building Control

Electronic Applications Service

For submission of applications in an electronic form please use the following option: 

To make a Planning Application To make a Building Control Application


  • Planning and Building Control Property Searches - Formal request for a search of the planning and/or building control databases to establish a property history


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