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Planning and Building Control archive searches

Advocates acting on behalf of a client when handling a property conveyance will by practice contact Planning and Building Control seeking investigation of the planning and/or building control history of a site, relating to any work which has been carried out (if any).

Planning and Building Control searches are based upon provision, by the applicant, of a defined site area (the subject of the purchase and its immediate proximity) and a fee. Staff of the Department will then interrogate the Planning and Building Control database for that area to formulate the results.

For Planning, search results will reflect electronic data back to 1984. If the search omits electronic copy of planning conditions prior to 2000, the Advocate may need to consider more detailed investigation in order to clarify the potential for earlier restrictive planning conditions. Possibly requiring a manual investigation of the Department’s microfiche (in case of any historic/perpetual conditions).

If a formal search is required and a written result on planning data PRIOR to 1984, of the old County Series or National Grid plans, a further search fee is chargeable.  

Please be aware that ownership of all pre 1984 Planning Application files were formally transferred to Public Record Office with effect from August 2015. Searches as to planning information prior to 1984 should be directed to that Public Record Office.

Any Building Control detail is presented on what records the Department may hold (some gathered from historic management by Local Authorities). This includes electronic detail, and where available information from historic card indexes.

A search is carried out for a fee with the results informing the requestor that all proper permissions are in place (or not) along with the history and potential development for the buildings in the proximity. Advising of:


  • any planning history back to and including 1984, including approvals and refusals
  • Planning conditions back to 2000 where we have them electronically. Earlier where they are electronically available (Please note that conditions prior to 2000 will need to be retrieved manually by the recipient)
  • planning history of properties in the immediate proximity (dependent on the area defined by the party requesting the search)
  • if the property is within a conservation area
  • if there are any planning enforcement issues on the subject property

Building Control

  • if there is a Building Control history for the property,
  • whether Building Control completion certificates have been issued on the subject property in compliance with Building Regulations

Building Control is regulated by the Department for the Island with exception to the authorities of Onchan and Douglas.

Advocates (or interested members of the public) may apply for such searches, using the required form (downloadable to the right) and including the appropriate fee.

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