Latest appeal decisions

Appeal decisions, once made, can be viewed online via the Online Planning system.

Should you wish to view a copy of the decision letter and independent inspector’s report, please take the planning application reference number (noted below) and use it via the Online Planning system.

The most recent appeal decisions uploaded to that area are listed below.

Site AddressProposalReference NumberDecision Issued
Field 434773, Grenaby Road, Ballasalla Creation of clay pigeon shooting facility, including erection of three field shelters, all with alternative use for agricultural purposes 17/01024/B 10/04/2019
Field 314831, Land Adjoining Cronk Dhoo, Main Road, Greeba Erection of an agricultural building 18/00577/B 10/04/2019
Land Adjoining Far End, King Edward Road, Onchan Approval in principle for the erection of a 80 bed Care Home 17/00684/A 01/04/2019
Plot 3 Adjacent To
Arbory Vicarage, Main Road, Ballabeg, Castletown
Erection of a detached dwelling 18/00134/B 06/03/2019
The Willow, Hibernia, Maughold Road, Maughold Conversion of existing detached garage to provide ancillary living accommodation 18/00531/B 06/03/2019
Holly Holme, Main Road, Greeba Widening of existing vehicular access 18/00554/B 06/03/2019
Ard Aalin, Pinfold Hill, Laxey Alterations and erection of a first floor extension to dwelling 18/01150/B 06/03/2019
3-5 Tennis Road, Douglas Erection of a pair of semi-detached dwellings 17/01156/B 13/02/2019
Glenside Residential Home, Victoria Road, Douglas Construction of a 60 bed residential care home and day care unit for older residents 18/00144/B 13/02/2019
Site Of Former Grand Island Hotel, Bride Road, Ramsey Erection of boundary wall and associated landscaping 18/00269/B 13/02/2019
Ballamoar Farm, Ramsey Road, Laxey Erection of stables and creation of a manege 18/00705/B 13/02/2019
Land Adjacent to 2 Ballacraine Cottages, Ballacraine, St Johns Approval in principle for erection of two dwellings with new vehicular access 18/00758/A 13/02/2019
Field 211090, Sandygate, Ramsey Use of part field for recreational use including siting of motorhome from March to September holiday use and erection of four sheds / structures and concrete pad for solar panels (retrospective) 18/00823/B 13/02/2019
Land At Arragon House, Santon Erection of a building to provide two staff residential units and office accommodation with associated landscaping and parking 17/01205/B 05/02/2019
Land Off Station Road, St Johns Creation of a temporary construction access 14/01419/B 08/01/2019
The Willows, Hibernia Maughold Road, Maughold Creation of new agricultural shed 16/01070/B 08/01/2019
18 & 20 Church Avenue, Onchan Removal of a shared chimney stack (retrospective) 18/00614/B 08/01/2019
2 Victoria Road, Port St. Mary Installation of a replacement front door with sidelights and toplight 18/00790/B 08/01/2019
The Barn, Strenaby Farm, Abbeylands Use of agricultural building as dog day care and training facility (retrospective) 18/00338/C 08/01/2019
The Switzerland Gospel Hall, Switzerland Road, Douglas Removal of condition 3 of application 17/00851/C, to remove the restrictions in respect of days and hours of operation 18/00628/B 08/01/2019
Field 134425, Glen Auldyn, Ramsey Replacement of existing stable and tack store with stables and implement store 18/00238/B 03/12/2018
Skeddan Veg, Fort Island Road, Derbyhaven Erection of a replacement dwelling with associated access and parking 17/01312/B 22/11/2018
Field 320653 And Part Field Nos 324324, 324323 & 324321, Ballaglonney Farm, Peel Road, Crosby Reserved Matters application for the construction of retail unit with associated parking (relating to PA 15/00775/A) 18/00329/REM 16/10/2018
Field 320653 And Part Field Nos 324324, 324323 & 324321, Ballaglonney Farm, Peel Road, Crosby Reserved Matters application for the construction of retail unit with associated parking (relating to PA 15/00775/A) 18/00339/REM 16/10/2018
Copper Top, Booilushag, Ballajora, Ramsey Re-alignment driveway access erection of gateway piers/pillars 17/01043/B 09/10/2018
Waterfall Hotel, Shore Road, Glen Maye Demolition of existing hotel and erection of four terraced dwellings with associated parking and amenity space 17/01189/B 09/10/2018
6 - 7 Fort William, Head Road, Douglas Approval in principle for the demolition of existing building and the erection of a dwelling 17/01270/A 09/10/2018
Palm Court And Jurby Garage, Coast Road, Jurby Approval in principle for the residential development of site including siting, design and means of access 18/00029/A 09/10/2018
Garage, Poyl Breck, East Baldwin Alterations and erection of first floor extension to existing studio apartment 18/00117/B 09/10/2018
7 Birch Hill Crescent, Onchan Alterations, enlargement of gable window to a doorway and installation of an external staircase to side elevation 18/00191/B 09/10/2018
Honey Hey, Highfield Drive, Baldrine Erection of a conservatory above existing garage, and creation of opening and juliette balcony from new first floor living accommodation 18/00267/B 09/10/2018
6 Willow Close, Onchan Alterations and extensions including installation of dormers at first floor level, raising of roof, extension to rear and erection of enlarged garage 18/00394/B 09/10/2018
Rainbows End, Beaumont Road, Ramsey Removal of chimney stack and installation of dormer windows to front and rear elevations (amendments to PA 15/01199/B) 18/00403/B 09/10/2018
Hillview, Kiondroghead Road, Andreas Alterations and erection of first floor extension 18/00262/B 01/10/2018
16 Claughbane, Avenue, Ramsey Alterations to create additional accommodation at first floor level including repositioning of front door and installation of dormer to south elevation 18/00326/B 01/10/2018
Field Adjacent To Beechfield, Glen Auldyn, Ramsey Creation of three residential plots including access and erection of a detached dwelling with attached garage on plot one 16/00650/B 04/09/2018
Field 234710, Orrisdale,
Kirk Michael
Erection of detached farm workers dwelling and garage 17/00988/B 14/08/2018