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Latest appeal decisions

Appeal decisions, once made, can be viewed online via the Online Planning system.

Should you wish to view a copy of the decision letter and independent inspector’s report, please take the planning application reference number (noted below) and use it via the Online Planning system.

The most recent appeal decisions uploaded to that area are listed below.

Site AddressProposalReference NumberDecision Issued
Fields 234227 & 234228 Glebe Farm Main Road Kirk Michael Isle Of Man Change of use of land to create a camp site, creation of hard standing for camping vehicles with associated electric hook up points, installation of cladding to and relocation of existing toilet / wash facilities and erection of an attached motorcycle shelter, relocation of a wooden structure to provide a café and social area and construction of decking 20/00175/B 06/01/2021
The Haven Agneash Laxey Isle Of Man IM4 7NS Erection of extension to rear elevation 19/01183/B 17/12/2020
113 Cronk Liauyr Douglas Isle Of Man IM2 5LS Removal of existing conservatory and erection of single storey extension to the side and rear of property 19/00858/B 17/12/2020
Woodstock Vicarage Road Douglas Isle Of Man IM4 2QP Conversion of existing workshop to new dwelling 20/00024/B 17/12/2020
Berwyn South Cape Laxey Isle Of Man IM4 7JA Erection of a replacement detached dwelling with integral garage 18/00979/B 17/12/2020
Laurel Bank Depot Glen Helen Road Laurel Bank St Johns Isle Of Man IM4 3NN Change of use from manufacturing / retail to a car sales showroom (retrospective) 20/00349/C 17/12/2020
Athol Park Guest House Athol Park Port Erin Isle Of Man IM9 6EX Additional use of guest house as a restaurant 19/01284/C 09/12/2020
Bali Hai May Hill Ramsey Isle Of Man IM8 2HG Conversion of dwelling into two apartments with associated vehicular access 20/00379/B 27/11/2020
Former Farmers Combine Warehouse 33 West Quay Ramsey Isle Of Man Application for the de-registration of the former Farmers Combine Warehouse (19/00293/REGBLD) in accordance with 7(1)(a) of the (Registered Buildings) Regulations 2013 19/00235/CON 26/11/2020
Former Groudle Glen House King Edward Road Onchan Isle Of Man IM3 2JY Application for the de-registration of the former Groudle Glen Hotel (19/00287/REGBLD) in accordance with 7(1)(a) of the (Registered Buildings) Regulations 2013 19/00510/CON 12/11/2020
Ballacain Cottage Lhagg Road Dalby Isle Of Man IM5 3BU Erection of replacement dwelling 19/01441/B 12/11/2020
Knockaloe Farm DEFA Training Centre Patrick Village Isle Of Man IM5 3AJ Creation of an entrance lobby and creation of an additional window to East elevation 20/00928/B 05/11/2020
The Studio 1 Church Close Lonan Laxey Isle Of Man IM4 7JY Erection of detached garage 19/01034/B 04/11/2020
Proposed Dwelling At Barroose Farm Barroose House Barroose Road Baldrine Isle Of Man Erection of dwelling (forming amendments to approved application 09/01334/B) to include swimming pool, roof terrace and associated works. 19/01039/B 04/11/2020
Field 312862 Main Road St Johns Isle Of Man IM4 3LU Creation of new access, including footpath, wall and gates 19/01209/B 04/11/2020
2 Church Road Marina Douglas Isle Of Man IM1 2HQ Conversion of guest house (class 3.1) to provide five residential apartments (class 3.4) 20/00012/B 04/11/2020
Field 430886 Adjacent To Edd Beg (formerly Toms Cottage) Kerrowkeil Road Grenaby Ballasalla Isle Of Man Erection of a detached garage 19/00818/B 04/11/2020
1886 Bar And Grill 6 Regent Street Douglas Isle Of Man IM1 2EA Proposed change to hours of operation 20/00737/B 03/11/2020
3 Oak Close, Birch Hill, Onchan Isle Of Man, IM3 3HR Creation of raised parking, garden walling, steps and widening of vehicular access 20/00186/B 22/10/2020
Dublin House, The Promenade, Port St. Mary, IM9 5DE Alterations, erection of single storey extension, three storey extension and car port to rear and installation of replacement windows 20/00011/B 22/10/2020
Stables, Rear Of Cooil Avenue, Kirk Michael Erection of a detached dwelling and associated detached garage 19/01094/B 16/10/2020
Field 434021 And 434031, Corner Of Douglas Road And Victoria Road
Castletown, Isle Of Man
Erection of 96 dwellings with associated roads, car parking and landscaping 18/00524/B 09/09/2020
9 Mourne View, Peel, Isle Of Man, IM5 1UJ Alterations and extensions including side/north extension with living accommodation at ground floor and storage at basement level, extension to utility and garage at front, and creation of patio doors in place of window at rear. 19/01007/B 03/09/2020
Pennybridge Stables, Main Road' Kirk Michael
Isle Of Man, IM6 2HD
Conversion of existing equestrian riding school to provide eight light industrial (Class 5) units 19/00873/B 03/09/2020
Cloughwilly Cottage, Tosaby Road, St Marks, Ballasalla, Isle Of Man, IM9 3AN Erection of cabin with associated parking and access (retrospective) 19/01241/B 13/08/2020
41 Fairway Drive, Ramsey
Isle Of Man, IM8 2BD
Erection of a detached dwelling with integral garage within garden 19/00952/B 13/08/2020
Ballacondra Barn, Cranstal
Bride, Isle Of Man, IM7 4BP
Erection of detached garage 19/00901/B 13/08/2020


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