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Visits and Procedures

Prior to any hearing, or consideration of a case using the written procedure, the Inspector will visit the site but will not discuss the application with any of the parties.

This is because all interested parties have to make their case in writing, and discussing the matter with individual parties may be prejudicial to the appeal. On most occasions, the Appeals Administrator will accompany the Inspector.

There is normally no need for other people to take part in the site visit, unless the site cannot be seen properly from the road or public viewpoint. In such circumstances, the Appeals Administrator will contact the relevant parties in advance for permission to gain access.

Written procedure

To expedite the appeal process and to avoid extra costs the Written Procedure is becoming an increasingly popular method of dealing with appeals.

Provided that all parties agree to the written option, the Inspector will consider the appeal on the basis of written information provided by the interested parties, along with a site visit as described above. Any new information not already provided during the initial assessment may include maps, plans and photographs but, of course, no oral evidence.

Parties are respectfully requested to provide sufficient copies of all written information in order that all interested parties may be circulated with their own copy. The requirement for providing sufficient copy is appreciated to ensure ALL parties are aware of the full details to the consideration.

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