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Amendments to submitted planning applications

An administration fee of £80 was introduced 1 June 2017, chargeable for any amendment to a planning application submitted after the planning application has been validated. The fee is applied to plans which seek to alter the proposed development at the request of the applicant, the plans or information being required by the Office of Planning and Building Control because the original plans or supporting information is considered to be inaccurate or misleading, or has been requested to allow the proposed development to be properly considered.

The Office of Planning and Building Control retains the right to waive the administration fee in instances where additional plans or information have been submitted at the suggestion of a planning officer as part of their consideration of an application and which seek design improvements. The right to waive the fee does not apply to plans or information which have been sought to correct inaccuracies or to make the application capable of being considered.

If amendments are submitted without the administration fee and the fee is not forthcoming on request, the application will be determined on the basis of the original plans submitted.

For the benefit of all parties to any planning consideration applicants are reminded that any plans or information submitted to amend an application must be accompanied by a covering letter specifying exactly what the amendment is, which plans are being superseded and or what detail is being replaced. The covering letter will be published alongside the amendment and the application will be re processed by circulation or republication in accordance with the extent of the amendment.

For any queries to this process, call +44 7624 685950 or email

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