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Latest appeal decisions

Appeal decisions, once made, can be viewed online via the Online Planning system.

Should you wish to view a copy of the decision letter and independent inspector’s report, please take the planning application reference number (noted below) and use it via the Online Planning system.

The most recent appeal decisions uploaded to that area are listed below.

Site AddressProposalReference NumberDecision Issued
31 Scarlett Road, Castletown Erection of replacement dwelling 16/01404/B 21/08/2017
Field 411194, Rowany Golf Club, Rowany Drive, Port Erin Change of use of part of field to campsite including installation of 10 'Glamping' pods and a welcome centre including the creation of a new pedestrian access from Spaldrick Promenade 17/00254/B 21/08/2017
19 Howe Road, Onchan Erection of rear extension 17/00279/B 21/08/2017
Reayrt Ny Marrey, Ballakaighen, Ballabooie Road, Peel Alterations and erection of extension to dwelling 16/01400/B 10.08.2017
28 - 30 Derby Square, Douglas Erection of five dwellings 16/00602/B 17/07/2017
Isle Of Man Bank, 26 Main Road, Onchan Alterations and additions to form restaurant, commercial units and four apartments and erection of flue 16/01372/B 17/07/2017
Part Of Field 124005, Loop Road, West Craig, Ramsey Erection of a stable block, parking area and fencing 15/01304/B 26/06/2017
Field 320936, Ballawilleykilley Farm, Glen Vine Road, Glen Vine Creation of a fenced play area with path to roadway 16/00806/C 26/06/2017
The Anchorage, Port E Vullen, Ramsey Erection of extension 17/00007/B 26/06/2017
16 Osborne Grove, Douglas Additional use of room to teach yoga to a maximum of 14 students between 6pm and 8pm Tuesday to Sunday 17/00064/C 26/06/2017
Raby Farm, Main Road,
Glen Maye
New farm entrance track 17/00109/B 26/06/2017
Access To RL360 House, Cooil Road, Douglas Creation of an access point for sub station. 16/01087/B 22/06/2017
11 Howe Road, Onchan Alterations and extensions to dwelling. 16/01237/B 22/06/2017
Sure Site, Near Junction With Lakeside Road, Hailwood Avenue, Douglas Replacement of an existing lamp post with an antenna topped lamp post with associated equipment cabinets 16/01291/B 22/06/2017
Vacant Land, Woodbourne Lane, Douglas Operation of a temporary car park with controlled access (retrospective) 16/01298/C 22/06/2017
44 Strand Street, Douglas Erection of a digital advertisement board 16/00949/D 30/05/2017
Part Field 231019, Off Ballaleigh Road, Kirk Michael Erection of an agricultural building with associated storage facilities 16/01039B 30/05/2017
Ash House, Main Road, Kirk Michael Replacement of existing rear annex with two storey extension. 16/01089/B 23/05/2017
Berberis Cottage, Pinfold Hill, Laxey Erection of a replacement dwelling (amendment to PA 15/00857/B) 16/00797/B 15/05/2017
Field 314539, Rheast Lane, Peel Change of use of part of practice ground as campsite for 2017 TT and Festival of Motoring periods. 16/01325/C 10/05/2017
10 Station Road, Peel Erection of a replacement dwelling 16/01323/B 03/05/2017
Hazeldene 2, Ballaquinnea Cottages, Braaid Road, Glen Vine Two storey extension to rear and side of dwelling. 16/01162/B 03/05/2017
Arbory House, Glen Road, Colby Erection of a double garage and creation of a new vehicular access with associated landscaping 16/00888/B 03/05/2017
14 Strathallan Crescent, Douglas Installation of an awning 16/00570/B 03/05/2017
Field No.s 334815, 330290, 334814 & 334835, Ballacallin Farm, Gordon, Peel Erection of one wind turbine (shown as number 1 on the plans) and associated underground cabling 16/00902/B 02/05/2017
Car Park, Tynwald Mills Road, St Johns Erection of a marquee adjacent to overflow car park to be used for promotional events, charity functions, exhibitions, children's activities, and leisure activities including ice rink and roller skating (retrospective) 15/01276/B 02/05/2017
Part Of Grounds, Associated With Close Jairg Beg And Field's 324318, 320912 & 324316, Old Church Road, Crosby Approval in principle for the residential development of thirty six dwellings addressing siting and means of access 15/01156/A 02/05/2017
Andreas Church Hall, Andreas Village Approval in principle for demolition of existing church hall and erection of three dwellings, addressing means of access 15/00145/A 15/03/2017
Alpine Mews, Strathallan Lane, Onchan Alterations and conversion of building to form a dwelling with integral garage 16/00051/B 15/03/2017
Field 524162, Kilkenny Beg, Colooneys Lane, Cooil, Douglas Erection of a detached residential dwelling with garage 16/00918/B 15/03/2017
40 Douglas Street, Peel Demolition of existing redundant workshop and erection of a dwelling 16/00729/B 06.03.2017
Land At Arragon House, Arragon, Santon Erection of a building containing three staff apartments to ground floor and office accommodation to first floor with associated landscaping and parking 16/00258/B 09.02.2017
Part Field 510408, Ballakissack Farm,
School Lane, Santon
Erection of an agricultural workers dwelling 16/00644/B 09.02.2017
Field 130578, St Judes Road,
Erection of an agricultural storage shed (retrospective) 16/00749/B 09.02.2017
Field 130688, Kella Road, Sulby Erection of an agricultural storage shed (retrospective) 16/00899/B 09.02.2017
Field 124385 & Field 124388, Smeale Road, Andreas Creation of field accesses 16/00966/B 09.02.2017
Skanco Court, Cooil Road, Douglas Installation of a digital sign (retrospective) 16/01024/D 09.02.2017
2 Castle Quay, Castletown Conversion of 2 properties into 1 plus other works. 16/01075/B 09.02.2017
Detached Building, Squeen Farm, Ballacrye Road, Ballaugh Conversion of stores and office building into a residential dwelling (retrospective) 16/00796/B 02.02.2017
Detached Structure, Squeen Farm, Ballacrye Road, Ballaugh Erection of replacement shed for use as stores, office in association with repair of agricultural vehicles and machinery and agriculture (retrospective) 16/00795/B 02.02.2017


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