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Planning Committee meetings

The Town and Country Planning (Development Procedure) (No2) Order 2013, requires that meetings of the Planning Committee are conducted in public. The meetings will usually be conducted on a Monday at 10am, unless otherwise stated. Dates of upcoming meetings are as follows:

  • 15 January 2018
  • 29 January
  • 12 February
  • 26 February
  • 12 March
  • 26 March

Meetings are held at:

Ground Floor Committee Room

Murray House

Mount Havelock


Isle of Man


Please also note that the agenda is usually available the afternoon of the Tuesday prior to the meeting. A copy will be made available online as soon as it’s published, alongside the agendas and minutes for last six months (the minutes are published when signed off by members at the committee’s subsequent sitting). All are downloadable from our Committee Agenda and Minutes page

For older historic copies of the agendas or minutes, please contact the Directorate on +44 1624 685950, or email:

Whilst levels of delegated authority will allow most applications to be determined by the Director, Head of Development Management or Senior Planning Officers, certain applications will be directed to the Planning Committee for consideration in its public forum. The types of applications that may be determined by the Planning Committee, are included in the Committee’s Standing Orders available to download to the right of this page.

Any comment regarding a planning application must have been made in writing, and in good time prior to the public meeting. This allows the Reporting Officer time to consider the content and include the detail in their assessment and the body of their report to the Committee. Should a representation be received after an agenda has been published and before the Committee meet, the Committee may reserve the right to disregard the late submission.

The Department has introduced opportunity for interested persons to register to speak at meetings of the Planning Committee. The procedure for doing so is clarified in the leaflet available in the downloadable documents.

The main points for the conduct of the meeting are as follows;

  • The agenda will be circulated to the Members a minimum of three working days prior to the meeting. In addition, the agenda will be available via this website as a downloadable document in the library page: /categories/planning-and-building-control/recent-planning-building-control-decisions-and-performance/committee-agendas-and-minutes/ 

  • Depending on its size the agenda may be in numerous ‘parts’

  • Opportunity to speak is given only where parties have formally registered (a leaflet explaining the Planning Committee Public Speaking Scheme is available downloadable to the right of this page)

  • Registration must be made by telephone or in person at the public counter and must be received by the Department before 4.30pm on the working day prior to the meeting

  • Parties whom register to speak, in accordance with the leaflet, must attend the meetings 10 minutes before the start

  • Items on the agenda may be conducted out of order, dependent on the agenda content and those matters upon which persons have registered to speak

  • As each agenda item arises, the case Officer will be asked to present their report as a verbal presentation to the Committee, concluding with their recommendation

  • If any parties have registered to speak they are then given opportunity to do so for a timed 3 minute slot. In total, 3 minutes are allowed for a single opposing view, 3 minutes for the Local Authority and 3 minutes for a single supporting view

  • Any questions the Members may wish to raise will be directed to the Planning Officer NOT directly to the speaker

  • Should any persons create disruption during the course of the meeting, the Chairman may seek to defer consideration, if necessary suspending the Standing Orders and the meeting

  • The Planning Officer will be asked to close the detail by responding to any outstanding issues raised

  • The Chairman will ask members to vote, either approving or refusing the Officer recommendation

  • The vote and agreement will be minuted, along with any additional conditions/reasons which may have been suggested by the members

  • The Chairman may, if necessary, explain/clarify the Committee's decision to the public in attendance

  • Minutes of the meeting will reflect the basis of the discussion but will not record the detail verbatim

  • The minutes when concluded, where a person has registered to speak, will only reflect the key points of the 3 minute presentation
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