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Public Inquiry to be held on the Draft Area Plan for the North and West

Friday, 22 March 2024

A series of proposed changes to the Draft Area Plan for the North and West, including recommendations for additional development sites, will be discussed in a Public Inquiry.

The Public Inquiry Papers, published today (22 March), set out proposals on various aspects of the Draft Plan and include updates to some of the evidence papers originally published as part of the Draft Plan consultation. The proposals include the addition of new development sites and associated development briefs as well as minor corrections and amendments.  For sites already identified in the Draft Plan, a number of development briefs have been expanded.  

Potential development sites have been variously submitted by landowners, developers and local authorities and have been assessed by Cabinet Office for consideration at the Public Inquiry.     

The proposed changes have been informed by submissions to a public consultation (which ran between June and September 2022) and work carried out by the Cabinet Office and the Housing and Communities Board to address future housing needs.

Submissions included proposals for the development of land in the North and West for consideration at a Public Inquiry by a Planning Inspector, prior to a next stage plan going to Tynwald for consideration, subject to adoption by Cabinet Office.

The Inquiry, which will be led by an independent Planning Inspector, is scheduled for July 2024. Further details on exact dates and locations will be published shortly. All are welcome to attend the Inquiry but those that wish to present written or oral evidence will be required to register to do so. Registrations are open on the Government website.

Diane Kelsey MLC, Member of the Cabinet Office with responsibility for Planning Policy, said:

‘The Area Plan for the North and West, once approved, will be a vital tool when planning decisions are being made for the foreseeable future. It brings together in a single update a large number of older and disparate local plans.

‘Following on from the earlier public consultation, I encourage anyone who is interested to engage in the upcoming Public Inquiry. People can contribute in advance, register to speak to the Independent Inspector during the Inquiry, or simply attend the proceedings once the Inquiry is underway. We want to ensure the Plan, once approved, accurately reflects what is needed by the communities and businesses in the North and West of the Isle of Man.’

To register to submit evidence to the Public Inquiry or to learn more about the Draft Area Plan for the North and West, visit the Government website.

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