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New planning application for permanent storage facility at Rockmount

Friday, 24 June 2022

The Department of Infrastructure has withdrawn and replaced a planning application to convert a silt store into a permanent storage facility at Rockmount, near Poortown Quarry. 

Planning application 20/00837/B was submitted in July 2020 when requests for additional information and changes to the proposed works were received. 

Following a period of consultation with the Environment Directorate at the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, a new application (22/00287/B) has now been submitted which addresses the points raised and additional information requested. 

In line with the 2020 application, the Department is not seeking to deposit any additional dredged material within the facility. 

The revised scheme now involves:

  • re-profiling the outside face of the retaining embankments in order to improve their long-term stability
  • replacing the temporary cap over the dredged spoil with a permanent long-term cap
  • installing gas and ground-water boreholes to enable long-term monitoring   

The application details the site restoration plan and aftercare, as required under current UK practice for the long-term management of landfill sites, and will allow the site to return to agricultural use.

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