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Minerals and Waste Planning

In January 2011 the Minerals and Secondary Aggregate Technical Group (MSATG) was established. Comprising representatives from the Islands minerals industry, the then Department for Economic Development (DED) and Planning and Building Control - (DOI), the remit of the MSATG was to identify and discuss technical aspects of minerals planning, and to present a technical report to advise the drafting of the minerals and waste policies and proposals.

The MSATG held eight meetings between January and September 2011, during which they identified, and discussed, a broad range of technical minerals issues, and made a series of recommendations to advise policy preparation. The issues, summary of discussions and recommendation have now been compiled into the MSATG Technical Report.

Purpose of the Technical Report

The purpose of the Technical Report is to advise:

  1. the development of policies, proposals and planning policy guidance for the winning and working of minerals, and restoration and aftercare of former mineral workings
  2. the need for, production, and management of, recycled and secondary aggregates, and
  3. consideration and determination of planning applications for the extraction of minerals

Minerals planning policy is currently delivered through the 2016 Isle of Man Strategic Plan. The Strategic Minerals policies are supplemented by:

  • The 2012 MSATG Technical Report, and
  • The Minerals and Secondary Aggregate Technical Planning Group (MSATPG) Annual Minerals Monitoring Report which includes a statement of minerals need and landbanks, and identifies major minerals issues;

The need for new minerals reserves will be identified with reference to data contained within the Department of Economic Development Mineral Resources Plan.

The  Government’s waste strategy document - the Waste Policy and Strategy 2012-2022 is currently under review.

Status of the Technical Report

The Technical report and subsequent Monitoring Reports do not form part of the Statutory Development Plan and have not been adopted as Planning Policy Statements, they are simply an evidence base.

Annual Minerals Monitoring Report - AMMR

In December 2011, following the work of the Minerals and Secondary Aggregate Technical Group and publication of the Technical Report the Minerals and Secondary Aggregate Technical Planning Group (MSATPG) was established. With a membership drawn from the minerals and recycled aggregate sectors, the purpose of the MSATPG is to advise Government on minerals planning, including the preparation and review of minerals policies and guidance, and to act as a forum for consultation on mineral matters.

A key function of the MSATPG is to prepare an Annual Minerals Monitoring Report (AMMR) which includes data and information on aggregates. This baseline information can be used by all sectors and groups involved in planning for the provision of minerals and recycled aggregate.  The AMMR will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

First Annual Monitoring Report

Second Annual Monitoring Report

Third Annual Monitoring Report

Fourth Annual Monitoring Report

Fifth Annual Monitoring Report

Sixth Annual Monitoring Report

Seventh Annual Monitoring Report

Eighth Annual Monitoring Report

Ninth Annual Monitoring Report

Tenth Annual Monitoring Report

Eleventh Annual Monitoring Report

Twelth Annual Monitoring Report

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