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Manx Marine Environmental Assessment

The Manx Marine Environmental Assessment forms part of a wider, holistic approach towards the management and sustainable development of Manx territorial waters being developed through the ‘Isle of Man Marine Plan Project’, a cross-Government project with representatives from the Departments of Infrastructure (responsible for Harbours and Planning and Building Control), Economic Development, Environment, Food and Agriculture (responsible for Fisheries and Environmental protection) and the Chief Secretary’s Office having responsibility of delivering the Isle of Man ‘Marine Plan’ project.

As part of the Isle of Man Marine Plan, the Manx Marine Environmental Assessment - MMEA has been undertaken to bring together technical information currently available for Manx territorial waters. This project commenced on 15 September 2011 and following best practice examples from elsewhere and involving a wide range of key marine user groups and marine experts, local information has been compiled and made accessible for the first time. The key deliverable is a technical MMEA Report.

It is envisaged that the MMEA Report will provide the initial baseline evidence to guide and support future decisions for the sustainable use of the Manx marine environment.

The MMEA Report, including a Non-technical summary, was published 1 October 2012 for consultation, as an ongoing initiative for greater collaboration between Government Departments, marine stakeholders and the Manx public through sharing of information.

The full MMEA Report and Non-technical summary are available to download as PDF documents:

A consultation on the MMEA ran from the 1 October until the 16 November 2012. A copy of the consultation documents, including a consulation summary are available at:

Please note: The MMEA is not a policy document and is solely a statement of technical facts that were available and correct at the time of publication.

The MMEA Report is designed to be a technical compilation of information on Manx Territorial waters. It is hoped that now the information has been brought together in one place, it may be used to produce summaries of information more accessible to the general public.

Manx Marine Environmental Assessment Report

Theme's 1 - 7 PDF's have been updated as of December 2013

  iii FOREWORD  
  iv List of Figures  
  v List of Tables  
  1.1 Project Introduction  
  1.2 The Legislative System  
  2.1 Hydrology / Weather and Climate /Climatology  
2.2 Climate Change
2.3 Coastal and Offshore Geology
  2.4 Marine Pollution  
  3.1 Plankton in Manx Waters  
  3.2 Coastal Ecology  
  3.3 Subtidal Ecology  
  3.4 (a) Marine Mammals - Cetaceans  
  3.4 (b) Marine Mammals - Seals  
  3.5 Basking Sharks  
  3.6 Birds  
  3.7 Marine and Coastal Conservation  
  3.8 Sea Turtles in Manx Waters  
  4.1 Commercial Fisheries and Sea Angling  
  5.1 Marine and Coastal Historic Environment  
  6.1 Cables and Pipelines  
  6.2 Shipping and Navigation  
  6.3 Energy, Mines and Minerals  
  6.4 Isle of Man Airport  
  7.1 Tourism and Recreation  
  7.2 Marine Education and Awareness Raising  
    APPENDIX A - List of Authors  
    APPENDIX B - Glossary of Terms - "Live Document"  
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