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Maps for planning applications

Maps for planning applications

All planning and building control applications on the Isle of Man must be supported by a location plan showing the location of the land to be developed in relation to neighbours/streets etc.

These can be supplied as paper maps or electronically.

Paper Maps

For most customers, an A3 sized 1:500 scale location plan (cost £12.50) will usually suffice (eg for an application on a semi detached house). Of course, there may be exceptions, so please ask for advice if in doubt. (The next scale of mapping normally required is 1:1,250 scale, which would cost £17.00 for an A3 plan).

Electronic Mapping

Architects, surveyors, agents and other applicants may use AutoCAD or other design software to create plans. Mapping can be supplied in a variety of electronic formats to suit these systems, see the Business Customers page for further details. 

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