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Welcome to theĀ Department of Infrastructure Mapping Service, the Isle of Man Government's official mapping body.

These pagesĀ aim to provide you with information that will help you decide which of our products and services may be of use, how to obtain them and who to speak to. We can help with digital and leisure mapping, aerial photography and plans for planning applications.

The A1 size constituency maps can be used in conjunction with the IOM Street Plans (available in A4 and A5 size) for an additional level of detail to the constituency maps alone. The Street Plans include the streets and roads for many towns and villages on the Island. Please note the Street Plans do not show individual properties.

We also highly recommend using the IOM Governments online mapping facility, specifically the "Island Democracy" map. This interactive facility allows users to zoom into see individual areas and properties.

Internet Map Service

Please use the related link to view the latest version of the Isle of Man Government's Online Mapping Facility.

The MANNGIS Online Mapping Facility provides access to a range of Governmental spatial and map-based information in addition to providing street and postcode searches for the whole Island.

Mapping News

Aerial Photography

Did you know an aerial photography survey is undertaken for the Island every year? Aerial photography is a great product often used by members of the public and business customers. It can also add interest to your home or office and is a fantastic gift idea.

Available in numerous sizes and formats, please visit our leisure mapping page if you are interested in finding out more.

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