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How to find applications

There are a number of ways of finding out about planning applications:

Weekly list

Details of submitted planning applications are published each week. The latest ‘weekly list’ can be viewed on the Planning and Building Control newsfeed. You can also sign up to receive the weekly list by email by contacting

Site notice and neighbour notification

The applicant is sent a site notice which they must display for at least 21 days. In addition we may write to neighbouring properties. For more information please see our operational policy.

Planning notification alert

This service allows you to register a specific area of the Island and you will be notified by email of any new planning applications in your area. Register to receive alerts about planning applications in your area of interest.

Once registered you will receive an email each week that will contain the details of any planning applications that have been publicised within your registered area.

Find applications online

Online Services

You can find, view and comment on current planning applications via online services.

An application can be found by:

  • its reference number (preferred option)
  • the date on which the application was included in the weekly publications list
  • the site address
  • the digital map

Once an application has been found, you can view the file online.

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