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How to comment on planning applications

A guide for commenting on planning applications is available to download from this page (downloadable documents box).  This provides information on various points, including:

  • how to find and view applications;
  • why, how and when to comment; and
  • what will happen to your comments and how we will process personal information.

Personal information and Historic Comments

Representations are now handled as per the downloadable guide. For older applications, original and un-redacted representations may have been placed on the file. Such files may be viewable a) where they have been scanned on-line b) where not scanned, in hard copy in the office, or c) for much older applications that have been transferred to microfiche, also viewable by the public in the office. However, you have a right to request that any personal information is amended, deleted or restricted and this can be requested by contacting the Department's Data Protection Officer on +44 1624 686781 or by email a

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