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Pre Application Advice

Should you wish to contact Planning for pre-application planning advice relative to a specific site, it is hoped to encourage all such enquiries to be made in the first instance by email.

Your email is required to include the following information and ideally titled under the following headings to ensure a fuller response can be given:

  1. Full contact details, including a telephone number and e-mail address
  2. Description of the proposals
  3. Explanation of the proposals and what you are trying to achieve
  4. Site location plan and site layout
  5. Sketch drawings including elevations and floor plans (if applicable)
  6. Description of the site (including its existing use) and any particular site characteristics, eg. level changes
  7. Details of any known planning history
  8. Photographs of the site and immediate surroundings
  9. Any known constraints to development
  10. Technical studies (if available), eg. ecological or traffic impact assessments

Further advice can be found within the Pre-Application Guidance Note.

Accordingly your enquiry should be directed to our generic email addresses either North Planning Enquiries or South Planning Enquiries, depending on the location of the site (please see Planning Officer Area map). Your query will be allocated to an officer to respond in due course. Alternatively you may wish to speak to the Duty Planner.

Please be aware that pre-application advice may be relevant should the Department be subject to any request under Freedom of Information legislation or General Data Protection Regulations. Correspondence relating to any pre-application enquiry will be only retained by the Department for 2 years, after which any pre-application discussion detail will be destroyed. Accordingly if you were hoping to rely on pre-application discussion that is older than 2 years you will need to seek fresh advice.

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