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Department applications

Article 16 of the Development Procedure Order requires applications in which the Department of Environment, Food & Agriculture is the applicant/agent or which is for the development of land any interest in which is vested in, or which is occupied by or controlled by, the Department to be determined by the Council of Ministers.  Such applications are initially consulted on and assessed by DEFA before being passed to the Cabinet Office so that an independent inspector can be appointed.  There will then be an opportunity for further comment and determination either by public inquiry or written representations.  Whichever method is used, the Inspector will produce a report which is then considered by the Council.  More detail is set out in Part 2, Division 4 of the Development Procedure Order.

Department applications are administered alongside planning appeals by The Planning Appeals Administrator.

The Planning Appeals Administrator
Cabinet Office
Government Office
Bucks Road

Telephone:+44 1624 685204
Fax:+44 1624 685710

Please note that all planning applications which have been determined in which the Department was the applicant or was deemed to have a vested interest can be viewed via the Departments online services.

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