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Planning appeals

The overall administration for a planning appeal is managed by the Planning Appeals Administrator in the Cabinet Office, although appeals are initially submitted to the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA).

Information on the submission of appeals is available on our How to Appeal page

Once received from DEFA, the Planning Appeals Administrator will refer the appeal and all correspondence to an independent Planning Inspector (appointed by the Council of Ministers) to consider the matter and provide a report. The DEFA Minister (or someone acting on their behalf) will consider the report of the Inspector and either allow or dismiss the appeal; and may in either case reverse or vary any part of the decision, whether or not the appeal relates to that part.

Information on the overall appeals process/procedures is available at Appeal Procedures. This sets out the process once an appeal against a planning decision is submitted. 

Information on the Planning Application process before that point (including the Decision Notice and Appeal Window) is available at Planning Application Process.


The Planning Appeals Administrator can be contacted at:

The Planning Appeals Administrator

Cabinet Office

Government Office

Bucks Road



Telephone:+44 1624 685204

Fax:+44 1624 685710

Email:Send Email

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