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Registered building consent

A Registered Building is a building of special architectural or historic interest which has been included in the Department's Protected Buildings Register. It is an offence to carry out any works (internally or externally) affecting the character of a Registered Building without the written consent of the Department. An up to date list of the Register is available via the heritage page. An application for Registered Building Consent may also be required where demolition is proposed within a Conservation Area.

Guidance on submitting an application

  • The application must be submitted to, and approved by, the Department prior to any work being undertaken

  • Registered Building Consent is required in addition to any application for the appropriate planning permission

  • Applications can be made via our making a planning application page. To assist with completing the form also see guidance on how to describe your proposal

  • Where works are to the exterior of OR internal to the property the form must be submitted along with all supporting information and plans

  • An application for Registered Consent should include a Schedule of works supporting document that sets out how the Registered Building is proposed to be altered and/ or extended. The works described on the schedule provided must be supported by drawings and/or specifications and/or photographs, explaining the existing appearance of the historic fabric and how it will be affected by the proposals Site Location Plan

  • A current up to date plan in order to identify the Registered Building (these can be purchased from our maps for planning applications page

  • There is no fee required for applications for Registered Building Consent

The Town and Country Planning (Registered Buildings) Regulations can be viewed on the Planning and Building Control Legislation page.

Please also note Buildings Regulations approval may also be required and advice on this should be obtained from the appropriate authority.

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