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Making a planning application

A guide for making planning applications is available from the downloadable documents box. Supplementary guidance is available in relation to trees and highway matters. A guide is also available in relation to the different types of planning applications that can be submitted. These should be referred to prior to submitting an application

Applications for planning approval should be made by completion of the relevant application form – all are available as downloadable documents or applications can be made using our online service. In either case your submission must be supported by all necessary plans and supporting documentation and, where required, the relevant fee at the bottom of the Application forms page.

Should you opt to use the electronic application service, a single paper copy of your submission must continue to be submitted for the benefit of ALL those Local Authorities which have elected to require such. Those that DO NOT require a paper copy are listed on this page.

If the building is registered, an application for Registered Building Consent must also be made. Please see our Registered Buildings page for further information.

If you require a base map to enable you to draw your location and site plans, these can be obtained from the Department of Infrastructure which is the custodian for the Island maps (not Ordnance Survey). More information.

Personal information

As there is a statutory requirement to maintain a register of planning applications your application will be retained indefinitely as part of that register. All the information submitted, including the personal information, will be available to anyone to view at our public counter. All personal telephone numbers, email addresses, (unless either relates to a business) signatures and any other personal information that is of no material consequence to the consideration of an application will be redacted from the online publications. Applicant names will remain on the online publications for reasons of transparency as part of the consultation process.

Local Authorities will continue to receive applicant names as part of their role in application consultations.

You have a right to request that any personal information is amended, deleted or restricted and this can be requested by contacting the Department’s Data Protection Officer on 686781 or by email at

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