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Levels of development which can be done without planning approval

All development on the Isle of Man requires planning permission with exception of those works specifically excluded by legislation. 

For the definition of ‘development’ please refer to the bottom of this page.

Development which may be carried out without need for submitting a formal planning application is referred to as ‘permitted development’. The extents of permitted development are set down in the Permitted Development Orders available from the Planning and Building Control Library.

All the criteria set out in the relevant Development Order must be met before commencing any works. Failure to comply in all aspects will result in a breach of planning control and enforcement action may be initiated.

To assist in interpreting the levels of permitted development, the Department has introduced a user friendly tool to explain the criteria that apply to semi or detached houses that are NOT within a Conservation Area or a Registered Building.

Click on the house below to activate

Planning Interactive House


Development is defined within the Town and Country Country Planning Act 1999 Section 6 which states; 

(1) Subject to the following provisions of this section, in this Act 'development' means the carrying out of building, engineering, mining or other operations in, on, over or under land, or the making of any material change in the use of any buildings or other land. 

(2) For the purposes of this section-
(a) the use as 2 or more separate dwellinghouses of any building previously used as a single dwellinghouse involves a material change in the use of the building and of each part of it which is so used; 

(b) the deposit of refuse or waste materials on land involves a material change in its use, notwithstanding that the land is comprised in a site already used for that purpose, if-
(i) the superficial area of the deposit is extended, or
(ii) the height of the deposit is extended and exceeds the level of the land adjoining the site; 

(c) subject to subsection (3)(d), the afforestation of land involves a material change in its use; 

(d) the following are engineering operations constituting development-
(i) the material alteration of any existing means of access to land from a road;
(ii) the provision of a new means of access, and
(iii) the execution of any road works preliminary or incidental to the erection of a building; 

(e) the following are building operations constituting development-
(i) the demolition of a building which is attached to another building, where the other building is not also demolished; and
(ii) the demolition of part of a building, where the rest of the building is not also demolished.


In accordance with Section 6(2)(e) of the Act, above, demolition of part of a building where ‘part’ is to be retained is defined as development and will require planning approval.

Also, where a building is registered or situated within a conservation area, registered building consent and planning permission may also be required prior to any proposed demolition

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