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Planning services available online

The Department has introduced a facility whereby a customer may register an interest in a defined catchment area, whether that may be around their house, street, town or an unrelated wider area of interest.

Where we may later record receipt of a valid planning application within that area defined by the customer, and after each weekly planning application list has been issued, the Department will issue the requestor an automated email alert informing them that there has been a relevant planning application received, or where not if that may be the case.

Where there has been a relevant application received the email will direct them to view the application within our online service.

If you wish to use this service please visit the Planning Notification Service.

Online Services LogoThe Planning Online service (to access follow links to ‘Online Services’) allows users  to retrieve, view and if so desired (after a simple user registration process if not already registered) comment, whether in support or objection, on current planning applications.

An application can be retrieved by:

  • its reference number (preferred option)
  • the date on which the application was included in the weekly publications list
  • the site address, or
  • navigation of a digital map

The digital map function allows users to navigate the island, zoom into a chosen location and, once close enough, activate the planning applications in that proximity. This delivers to the user defined site extents of planning applications since 1984.

Where a planning application is retrieved, electronic images of the application paperwork may be viewed online. In managing this facility every effort is made to keep all images to a retrievable the size however some cannot be viewed via the online facility where they exceed 4KB. Where an image is too large to view the hard copy will be available at the Department’s first floor counter (see address below) or the local authority in which the application is located. Alternatively arrangement may be made to send the item individually (please refer to the contact details below)

In order to maintain the ‘open and transparent’ policies practiced by the Department, all contributors must be reminded that any comment made on a planning application is available for public scrutiny. Accordingly it is recommended that any comment submitted excludes details of a personal or inappropriate nature. 

Comment sent by the online service will not be acknowledged by the Department but record of submission may be established via the user’s online services ‘user history’. 

All comment received via all mediums with the Department (online, by email or in hard copy) may be relevant should the Department be subject to any request under Freedom of Information legislation or General Data Protection Regulations.

Planning representations can also be made via the Department’s email or postal address: 

Planning and Building Control Directorate

Department of Environment

Food and Agriculture

First Floor

Murray House

Mount Havelock


Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 1624 685950

Email:Send Email

Whilst the Department has a statutory obligation to maintain a register of applications, personal detail will be redacted from the online application images once a decision has become final and upon request.

Online Planning archive

Planning applications are retained at Murray House (see address above) in hard copy until archived.

As files are scanned for archive, the images are added to Planning Online and available to view as an electronic record. The 2006 images are currently being added. Images for these applications are accessible to the public via online services where image size allows.

The archive for planning records prior to 2003 are only available as microfilm at the Department’s counter, Murray House (see address above). 

Please note that the Department has in place a disposal policy which allows for the disposal of planning application files once their business need is complete. Archive detail after disposal thereafter is dependent on the scanned images retained.

Planning records prior to 1984 have been through a selection process and formal ownership of the files passed formally to the Office of Public Records.

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