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Duty planner

Duty planner service

It is often best to seek confirmation of whether or not something needs planning approval or pre-application advice in writing. This makes it easier to refer to in future and may avoid any misunderstandings. However, we do operate a 'Duty planner' service to deal with straightforward queries.

This service is available between the hours of:

  • 2pm - 5pm (Tuesday - Thursday)
  • 2pm - 4:30pm (Friday)

During these hours, a Planning Officer will be available to answer simple queries, and can be contacted on-line (via Teams - by prior arrangement), by phone (01624 685950) or at the Murray House counter (please note we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide a meeting room).

If you wish to arrange a 15 minute appointment (either Teams call or at the counter) this can be done by e-mailing the North or South Enquiries (below), ideally 2 working days beforehand.  Please note that at busy times you may need to wait until you can be seen without an appointment.

The Duty Planner will also focus on responding to pre-application e-mails sent to:

North Planning Enquiries at

South Planning Enquiries at

The target for responding to e-mails/letters is 10 working days.

Information in relation to the submission and determination of planning applications.

Information on current undetermined applications and how to comment.

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