Built Environment Reform Programme

The Built Environment Reform Programme is a two year programme of work set out to develop commitments in the Island Plan to build great communities. 

It is overseen by the Department for Environment, Food & Agriculture but is a joint programme also being delivered by the Cabinet Office and the Department for Enterprise.

Development Management Customer Charter 

A Development Management Customer Charter has been published which sets out the services available and standards expected in relation to planning applications and enforcement. The Charter sets out the standards we want to be able to achieve, and the programme provides the mechanism to ensure the resources, processes and prioritisation is in place to meet those standards. The Charter is a living document and so will itself be informed by that work looking at those resources, processes and prioritisation.

Major Planning Application Process

A trial has been launched of a new and optional process for supporting applicants with the navigation and coordination of major applications, ensuring that the determination process is expeditiously managed.