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On-site inspections

Site inspections are a requirement of the Building Regulations.

Mandatory notification must be given of certain stages of work to allow a Building Control officer to carry out an inspection to check compliance with the approved plans and Building Regulations.

The work stages requiring each inspection will be noted by the Building Control Officer during the assessment of the Building Control Application.

An inspection list (example below) will accompany the passing of plans notice. Case specific inspections may be added to the list and the required inspection stages will be indicated by an X.

Upon notification, Building Control has up to 2 working days to arrange an inspection for general items and up to 5 working days for more involved inspections (these are indicated using bold text in the list). Other intermediate inspections are also made which include concrete reinforcement, fire stopping and any other concealed work that may be hidden once the works have been completed.

The list includes these stages and will be refined based upon the merit of the application. For each inspection please allow 2 days prior notice to the Department with exception to those in bold which should be given 5 days

Commencement of work Sprinklers fitted
  Drainage connection   Renewable energy inspection
  Covering of any excavation for foundation   Walls to roof level prior to closing cavities
  Covering any foundation concrete   After fixing cavity barriers to timber frame
  Material laid over site membrane   Roof carcase prior to felting
  Damp proof course laid   Electrical installation (First Fix)
  Drains ready for inspection   Prior to boarding compartment walls
  Drains backfilled and ready for test   Prior to boarding compartment floors
  Chamber joists installed/walls at that level   Occupation of building or part
  Drainage   Final completion work
  Foundations   Insulation
  Smoke test on flue   Intermediate
  Sound test   Air Permeability Test

Mandatory notification is made by using the “request an inspection” or by emailing Please ensure you have your Building Control Application Reference number to hand. If the site will be unattended requiring an appointment to be made, please state this on the email or under "builder name" on the inspection request form. You may copy the Building control officer in when you email but do not use an officer as the only point of contact for an inspection request in case that officer is away from the workplace.

We will do our best to inspect without delay, (preferable by phone or by email before 10am) but timing is largely dictated by the volume of inspection requests received by the Department.

The first mandatory notification should always be the commencement of work which should be accompanied by the required inspection fee and not already paid. The amount due by way of the inspection fee is notified to the applicant (or their agent) in writing at the time that the plans are passed.

Please ensure the site for inspection is safe and accessible. Any non-compliant work found during an inspection must be corrected and then a new inspection request submitted for a further inspection.

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