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Making a building control application

If you wish to apply for building control approval, you need to submit a full plans application. This type of application allows you to have your plans checked by our surveyors and approved as complying with the Building Regulations 2014. See downloadable documents for a copy of these regulations.

The submission of a full plans application has 2 benefits:

  • a set of approved plans to build from, and near immunity from enforcement action if you build in accordance with those plans, and
  • a greater certainty of the final building costs.

Another advantage to making a full plans application is that our staff can advise on the following:

  • design and layout
  • structural design and local ground conditions
  • fire safety and engineering
  • energy conservation and sound transmission, and
  • access and facilities for people with disabilities, including liaison with other Government Departments and external bodies.

To make a full plans application, it is necessary to complete an application form (see the P&BC application form folder). The form should be accompanied by 2 full sets of plans and a plan fee.

Note: For designated buildings under Fire Precaution Act 1975, a further 2 sets of floor plans are needed.

If you need advice or assistance, ask for a pre-application consultation with one of our Building Control Officers (see related links).

Regularisation certificate

Letters of Comfort will no longer be issued for works which have been carried out since 1993 without the relevant application having been made. Where works of this nature come to our attention, a regularisation certificate will need to be applied for, and the relevant fee paid, using the appropriate form (see the P&BC application form folder). On completion of this form, we will arrange a visit to inspect the works for compliance with Building Regulations.

Link with planning permission

In many cases, planning permission will be required in addition to Building Regulations approval. Both are distinct and different areas of control but both will be handled by the Planning and Building Control Division of the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, which enables co-ordination and combined advice to be given.

Please note that where the Department handles both applications the administration team will compare both sets of plans to ensure that any built structure is erected in accordance with the permissions given.


The current Building Control fees schedule was introduced with effect from 1 April 2019. The fees schedule is at the rear of the Regulations.

Please note that the body of the Regulations should be read in conjunction with the 2016 Regulations. Both instruments are available in the P&BC application form folder.

Electronic applications

The Department is introducing an electronic service for the submission of BC applications which, when formally launched, will be available on the Planning and Building Control application forms page.

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