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Installation of Wood Burning Stoves & Solid Fuel Burning Appliances

The Department has noted an increased number of wood burning stoves are being installed without the appropriate planning and building control approvals.

Homeowners, tenants and businesses must be mindful to comply with Planning and Building Regulations prior to fitting any Wood Burning Stoves or other Solid Fuel Burning Appliances.

Failure to do so may put you or your property at risk of fire and /or expose the occupants and neighbours to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning which can be fatal.

Problems can also arise when properties are sold as advocates for buyers will ask for copies of the appropriate approvals /certificates. If these are not satisfactorily in place the sale of a property may be jeopardised or delayed.

Options when deciding to install a stove

There are two options open to property owners and tenants (with permission of Landlord) when deciding to install a stove:

Option 1 (Preferred)

Employ a Competent Person who is a member of an approved installer's scheme (HETAS or OFTEC - more information below).

The installer will have satisfied the organisations criteria of a 'competent person' under their own scheme.

After installation, the installer (HETAS /OFTEC supplier) will usually notify the Local Building Control Authority within 30 days of completion of works by issuing a Completion Certificate without charge to their client and the Building Authority. Customers are encouraged to seek confirmation of this provision.

Option 2

Make an application to the relevant Building Control Authority for approval (a fee based on estimated cost of works is charged for this service).

Approved installers

HETAS is the acronym for the Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme - which is the independent UK body recognised by UK and Isle of Man Government. Further details can be found on the HETAS website.

OFTEC is a leading trade organisation for the heating and cooking industries. They promote high professional and technical standards for technicians within the heating industry. Further details can be found on OFTEC website.

A list of current approved installers can be found on their individual websites.

Depending on where your property is, additional information can be obtained from:

  • Isle of Man Planning and Building Control Directorate on +44 1624 685950/ +44 1624 685902
  • Douglas Borough Council on +44 1624 696375
  • Onchan District Commissioners on +44 1624 624967
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