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Building regulations approval for tourist accommodation

In order to apply for Building Regulations Approval to use a residential property for tourist accommodation, the following information is required.

  • A Building Regulations Application form
  • A site location plan showing the property with a red line
  • Floor Plans of the property (and any other relevant information), demonstrating how the property complies with the Building Regulations in respect of Tourist Use

The information should provide detail of compliance with all aspects that are required for material change of use. The Building Control Officer will be looking at the property, bearing in mind part of Building Regulation 2014 with regard to provisions for ‘Material Change of Use’ page 9 section 8

1. The following list may assist in respect of the various Approved Documents that will be reviewed for compliance in all cases:

  • (i) Part B (fire safety);
  • (ii) Part C (resistance to moisture);
  • (iii) F1 (ventilation);
  • (iv) Part G (sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency);
  • (v) H1 (foul water drainage);
  • (vi) H6 (solid waste storage);
  • (vii) J1 to J6 (combustion appliances);
  • (viii) Part L (conservation of fuel and power in buildings);
  • (ix) Part M (access and use of building); and
  • (x) Part P (electrical safety).
  • (b) in the case of a material change of use described in regulation 7(a)(i), (a)(ii), (d), (e) or (f), A1 to A3 (structure) of Schedule 1;
  • (c) in the case of a material change of use described in regulation 7(a)(i), (a)(ii) and (b), E1 to E3 (resistance to the passage of sound);
  • (d) in the case of a material change of use described in regulation 7(c), or, if the public building consists of or contains a school, E4 (acoustic conditions in schools).

2. If there is a material change of use of part only of a building, such work, if any, must be carried out as is reasonably necessary to ensure that:

  • (a) that part complies in all cases with any applicable requirement referred to in paragraph (1)(a);
  • (b) in a case to which paragraph (1)(b),(c) or(d) applies, that part complies with the requirements referred to in the relevant paragraph;
  • (c) in a case to which paragraph (1)(a)(i) applies, the whole building complies with the requirement referred to in that paragraph; and
  • (d) in a case to which paragraph (1)(a)(iv) applies —
  • (i) that part and any sanitary conveniences provided in or in connection with that part comply with the requirements referred to in that paragraph; and
  • (ii) the building complies with requirement M1(a) of Schedule 1 to the extent that reasonable provision is made to provide either suitable independent access to that part or suitable access through the building to that part.

Any queries in respect of an application should be directed to the Building Control Officer for the relevant area. 

Further information about making a Building Control Application can be found at Making a Building Control Application page. 

Application Forms, documents detailing the Regulations, and the current fees order can also be found on the website. 

Building Control Officer Areas (by Local Authority District)

Dallas Hutton

Telephone: +44 1624 685164

  • Michael, Ballaugh, Jurby, Andreas, Bride, Ramsey, Lezayre, Maughold (Ward of Garff)

Stewart McLaren

Telephone: +44 1624 685899

  • Peel, Patrick, German, Marown, Braddan, Lonan (Ward of Garff), Laxey (Ward of Garff)

Chris Hardisty

Telephone: +44 1624 685746

  • Santon, Malew, Castletown, Arbory, Rushen, Port Erin, Port St Mary
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